Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation Statement

The Best of Both Worlds CASL Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)?

The purpose of CASL is to give consumers greater control of the emails they receive from different types of responsible organizations (except registered charity and political parties).

To achieve this, CASL requires organizations to state the means of obtaining consent to receive emails, and provide an automated way for recipients to control when they want to stop or resume electronic communications.

In other words, The Best of Both Worlds complies with CASL by first stating how it believes it has your consent, whether explicit or implied, and then describe the method we provide for controlling future email communication. As well, your action will have an immediate effect (i.e., if you chose to stop, it will stop immediately and we cannot send you further emails nor request consent via email again).

How Does CASL Relate to The Best of Both Worlds?

CASL governs not just emails, but also social media (private / direct messages), text messages, and other forms of electronic communication except phone, fax, and mail.

However, The Best of Both Worlds will only use email, fax, and mail to promote the event. You will never receive a phone call from us with regards to The Best of Both Worlds unless you have contacted us prior.

You may, however, continue to receive electronic promotional materials from individuals and organizations listed below if you have had given them consent. Regardless, the vendor below will not promote The Best of Both Worlds in their electronic promotional materials. If you also wish to stop receiving materials relating to the product and services from the commercial organizations involved, you will have to contact them seperately.

How Did The Best of Both Worlds Obtain My Consent?

The email promoting pre-registration is sent to you based on both explicit and implied consent to any of the following commercial organizations:

  • ClearDent
  • Practices Made Perfect
  • DCY Professional Corporation

The email may also be sent to you if you have specifically asked the following professionals to include you in the email addresses list. Otherwise, the individuals listed below have not shared any information with the organizers of The Best of Both Worlds Annual Dental CE Event:

  • Dr. Aviv Ouanounou
  • Dr. José Lança
  • Dr. David Yang
  • Dr. Harry Höediono
  • Dr. Jonathan Ng

The three commercial organizations are able to track both the explicit consent and implied consents they have received. To help you understand, let's first describe the difference between these two types of consent:

Explicit Consent

When you use products and services regular from any of the four organizations above, the goods and service agreement they provided all have had a section requesting your email and/or fax asking you to consent to receive communications. Thus, you have provided explicit consent.

Also, all four commercial organizations have a place on their website for you to provide your email to receive updates, and if you have done that in the past, it's also recognized as an explicit consent.

Implied Consent

If you currently do not use any of the products and services from the four commercial organizations listed above, but have used their products and services in the past, provided your contact information at a tradeshow, seminar, or to their representatives visiting your dental practice in the last two years, then it is recognized as an implied consent. However, as implied consent only has a two year window, it is also why The Best of Both Worlds organizers are seeking an explicit consent with the pre-registration email.

How Do I Control My Consent?

You may have only given us implied consent in the past, and since implied consent also means it can be vague, The Best of Both Worlds would like to ensure we have your explicit consent.

For example, when one of the representatives of any of the four commercial organizations visited your dental practice in the past, one of your staff may feel the information is relevant and thus provided your email. This is an implied consent or also otherwise known as "business card" consent.

However, upon receiving the email from us, you feel that the information is actually not relevant and of interest to you. Thus, to ensure we have an explicit consent, we have adopted the following measure:

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